P3 Health Partners (P3) is a patient-centered, physician-led and population health-focused healthcare company. Founded and led by physicians, Sherif Abdou, and Amir Bacchus, P3 is a team of doctors, clinicians and support service professionals. Our local teams in Las Vegas and Tucson have a shared passion and purpose for improving the way patient care is delivered in the communities we serve.

Our team brings years of experience managing Medicare Advantage (MA) populations in global risk arrangements. This experience enables us to navigate and reconcile the many nuances that relate to simultaneously improving care and decreasing costs across this unique patient population.

Led by physicians and clinicians, we put our patients first, caring for each one as if they are a member of our own families. We know transformation and change in healthcare starts in the exam room. Our approach to excellent care focuses on the patient-physician relationship. We know engaging the physician and empowering the patient provides the most direct path to improving outcomes, reducing costs and enhancing healthcare experiences.