P3 Health Partners Arizona supports patients, physicians and payers in their journey from traditional volume-based models to value-based systems of care and wellness.

How We Help Providers

P3AZ care teams extend the reach of primary care physicians beyond the confines of their offices and unburden them from non-care related tasks.
We have a strong support system of care managers including NPs, RNs, MAs, dieticians, social workers, behavioral health specialists and administrative support staff to help you provide access to the right level of care at the right time.

The P3AZ Care Team serves as your eyes and ears on the patient – making sure your instructions from their office visits translate into active care at home. We act as an extension of your staff through our home visits, med management, comprehensive wellness visits and education – we can even assist with making follow-up or specialist visits and arrange transportation if needed.

Not only do we lighten your workload as collaborators in implementing patient care, we close the loop with timely communications regarding compliance, clinical data and insights into the patient’s at-home and caregiver situation which may affect their health and wellness.

We empower your patients by engaging them in their own health by providing them with the care, information and resources to live their best lives.