Mona Bambha, MD, CPC, CRC

Vice President of MRA and Quality Education

As Vice President of MRA and Quality Education at P3 Health Partners, Dr. Mona Bambha’s goal is to combine her knowledge of integrated medicine and conventional medicine to create the most positive, healthiest outcomes for patients – and society overall.

Prior to joining P3 Health Partners, Dr. Bambha served as a primary care physician for HealthCare Partners for both Medicare Advantage and commercial patient populations. She started with a panel of 200 Medicare Advantage patients and quickly learned and mastered the Medicare Advantage model. Her panel grew from 200 to 700 Medicare Advantage patients within a year. She went from lead physician to associate medical director and was ultimately promoted to medical director of MRA coding and documentation at HealthCare Partners. Her belief in the Medicare Advantage care model has turned into her passion for teaching and educating clinicians that when done right – this way of practicing medicine can prove to be significantly beneficial for the patient, provider and the payor.

Dr. Bambha completed her residency in internal medical from Mount Sinai VA in Bronx, New York. In 2017, she received her fellowship degree in integrated medicine from University of Arizona in Tucson under Dr. Andrew Weil. She’s a certified professional coder (CPC) and is also trained as an ENT.

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