We value our relationship with the Southern Nevada agent and broker community. You are a critical leader in patients’ healthcare journeys. You help your members select the right primary care provider, which is crucial to ensuring they get the care they deserve. By selecting a provider in the P3 Nevada network, your members can expect:

  • Appointments within days, not months
  • Warm and caring staff members who are ready to listen
  • Dedicated time with their physician without feeling rushed
  • Ongoing support from our care team after they leave the doctor’s office or hospital
  • Coordination of their care between primary care providers and specialists so everyone handling their care has a complete and accurate picture of their health
  • Timely follow up appointments, data, lab and testing
  • Access to network of providers whose goals and incentives are aligned with patients’ needs
  • Information and support to manage chronic conditions and ensure all medications are taken correctly
  • Friendly preventative care reminders for screenings, tests and vaccinations
  • Accurate billing to their insurance

Learn more about our network and review the outstanding providers in our Network:

Feel free to contact our Broker Hotline Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5 pm at (702) 778-4700 or fill out this form with the information requested and we will get back to you ASAP.