Welcome to P3 Health Partners Nevada! We are a local organization working with your primary care provider and your health plan to ensure you get the great care you deserve. It’s our job to help you stay well, manage your chronic illnesses, (if you have them) and help you coordinate your care when you are in the hospital or leaving to go home or to a care center. We share health education and prevention information as well as connect you to available community resources. If you have already talked with one of our P3 Care Team members by phone, you know that our health care professionals are here to support your wellness.

Who is P3?

P3 Health Partners Nevada is a local team of physicians and health care professionals who team up with your primary care provider and health plan to make sure you get the best care possible. Our services are paid for by your health plan and provided at no additional cost to you.

P3 is contracted with these health plans (here) to provide care management and support services to patients throughout Clark and Nye county.


Why do you have my contact information?

We assist your primary care provider in the management of your care. Therefore, our team may reach out to you from time to time to provide important information that can impact the health of you or your community.


Why are you contacting me?

It’s our job to check in with you. We know many of your health care needs happen outside your care provider’s office. We work closely with your primary care provider to make sure you have the resources you need to stay healthy and safe. We may reach out to you throughout the year to coordinate transitions of care, share health education and prevention information, help with chronic disease management and connect you with healthy lifestyle resources.


Opting Out

If you do not wish to be included in emails or text messages from P3 Health Partners, please fill out this opt-out form.