Our Care Team Puts You First

Navigating healthcare can be confusing. Our friendly and knowledgeable P3 Care Team is dedicated to helping you get the care you deserve.

Our team may contact you if you:

  • Haven’t seen your primary care provider in the last year
  • Have recently been discharged from the hospital
  • Have been diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions
  • Have visited the ER several times
  • Have recently transitioned your care

While you’ll likely hear from the team in the future, please contact us if you:

  • Need help understanding your chronic condition
  • Are unclear about how to manage your illness
  • Are transitioning from one provider’s care to another
  • Have questions about your medications
  • Are looking for connections to financial and community resources
  • Want to discuss palliative/hospice care planning
  • Have visited an emergency room or an urgent care

You can reach the P3 Care Team at (702) 570-5582.