Bringing preventative care and covered screenings to you.

The new P3 Arizona Mobile Health Clinic is designed to be an extension of your primary care provider and offers services such as:

Comprehensive Visits
Take charge of your health with an
ANNUAL COMPREHENSIVE WELLNESS VISIT. During this 45-minute appointment we will:

All information collected will be sent back to your primary care provider for seamless coordination of care.

Screenings and tests
When we catch diseases and illnesses early you have more treatment options to keep you well. The mobile clinic will offer onsite testing for A1C (blood sugar), retinal eye exam for diabetics and Quantaflo. We will also assist patients in scheduling additional appointments at a convenient site of care for bone density screenings, spirometry and mammograms to promote early detection and prevention.

Get your flu shot, not the flu. Flu shots will be available in fall of 2023.

About P3 Arizona Mobile Health Clinic
The P3 Arizona Mobile Health Clinic comes complete with a handicap chair lift, two (2) exams room, a waiting room and a restroom.

As a thank you for your time and for completing your annual comprehensive wellness visit, you may be eligible for a $50 gift card upon appointment completion.

Appointments are available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Call us at  (520) 468-0808  to schedule your visit today! When scheduling please confirm the Mobile Health Clinics current address as this is subject to change.

P3 Mobile Clinic Schedule
See our monthly P3 Arizona Mobile Health clinic schedule.

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Preparing for your visit
Make the most out of your visit by bringing the following items with you:

P3 Arizona is committed to protecting patient safety during COVID-19 by following CDC guidelines. We are taking several steps to keep patients safe while in our care. These measures include social distancing limiting capacity in the mobile clinic, wearing masks at all times, hand washing before and after visits and disinfecting all surfaces with EPA-approved cleanser.

Questions on eligibility?
Call us at 
(520) 468-0808 for more details.

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