How we work with HEALTH PLANS.

We work with plans that value prevention and efficiency.

We serve as a bridge between the payer, the provider, and Medicare Advantage patients to make sure patients efficiently use our services to prevent illness. This strategy reduces the need for many costly treatments, medications for chronic illnesses and unnecessary trips to the ER. 

Think of us as a primary resource, navigating your relationships with patients and providers. We build strong relationships with our value-based care payors and work closely together to meet our shared patients’ needs, often partnering with plans to manage the care of the entire patient population within a given market. 

How we partner with payors.

We have the ability to take on full delegation such as network, utilization management, quality management, care management, medical management and claims processing in order to proactively empower wellness. We also make sure quality metrics are met, helping payors improve and maintain CMS and other quality star metrics.

To make sure all the quality metrics are met, we help plans improve and maintain CMS and other quality star metrics. In effect, we reinforce the same behaviors that result in patient satisfaction and positive outcomes, and we use that knowledge to improve metrics to everyone’s advantage.

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