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Thrive in a value-based care system

The P3 team is led by physicians who understand the unique challenges that come with delivering value-based care in a clinic. We’ve partnered with many of the community’s top health plans to help overcome the barriers and challenges associated with value–based care. 

Our care teams provide wrap-around services to help patients navigate the health care system, collaborating with caregivers,  and enabling a successful health care journey. To this end, we have made significant investments in technology to customize these services to individual patients’ needs.

Join our strong network of physicians who are working together to deliver highly coordinated and integrated care to our patients. Our local RNs and NPs will work alongside you and your team to perform day-to-day administrative tasks, maintain ongoing care and communication, lighten your workload and reduce burnout, so you can focus on your patients. Let us put our extensive experience in population health management to work for you.

Real solutions, timely data

  • High-needs patients need extra attention. Our team can answer frequently asked questions and help with medication management.
  • We send friendly reminders about follow-up appointments, recommended screenings, tests, and vaccinations.
  • We deliver timely, actionable data, so you always have the full picture of your patients’ health.
  • Together we can develop a tailor-made treatment plan.
  • Our team supports your plan of care and keeps you updated on your patient’s successful compliance.

Open lines of communication

  • Our NPs and RNs can make in-home visits to ensure your care instructions are followed.
  • As your eyes and ears, we’ll share valuable insight into your patient’s at-home/caregiver situation, which may affect their wellness.
  • We provide tools and resources needed to manage patients’ long-term health and wellness, including access to prevention and wellness education.
  • We help with medication assessment and management.
  • We offer dietary and nutrition advice.
  • We deliver social support, such as long-term care placement, end of life planning and access to community resources.

Our Offerings:

Value-based care must be consciously cultivated. Through strategic partnerships that embrace transformative change, we strive to make healthcare better for millions of patients, thousands of physicians, and dozens of payers. We partner with organizations by offering the following services: 

 Clinical Operations:

  • Performance-driven by clinician level scorecards
  • Clinical operations, owned and IPA
  • Clinically integrated system of care

Population Health Management:

  • Combined clinical and executive leadership development
  • Network development and contracting

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