Partner with us. We’re EASY TO WORK WITH.

We value our relationships with our agent, broker and Medicare advisor partners, who are essential leaders in their clients’ healthcare journeys. P3 gives your clients access to quality providers, specialists, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, diagnostic and testing centers where they can receive the care they deserve.

We work with you to make sure your clients understand their insurance benefits and take advantage of those that will help them recover faster and stay well.

As a member of the P3 Preferred Broker Program, you and your clients receive services that aren’t available elsewhere.

For you:

For clients:

In addition, between scheduled office visits, we stay connected with your clients, schedule their follow-up care, help them schedule regular comprehensive visits, make sure they have access to prescription and health management resources, and understand the insurance benefits they qualify to receive.

Working together, we empower your clients’ health.

Your clients deserve healthcare providers who care about their long-term wellness, who practice patient-first medicine, and who go the extra mile to help their Medicare Patients navigate the complexities of our healthcare system. So, when you have a chance to recommend a provider to your client, we hope you’ll think of P3 first.

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