Care Management Team.

We are a team of healthcare professionals led by physicians and partnering with providers and health plans to coordinate your care between office visits. We’re here to make sure you and other Oregon seniors are getting the care and services you need when you need them. 

Patients are at the center of our care model. Our dedicated Care Management Team takes the time to understand your comprehensive needs. Bridging the gap between your physician and your busy lives, we offer health education on preventing disease, guidance managing chronic disease, and resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle—everything from helping you interpret lab results and scheduling your next comprehensive exam to finding transportation and a nearby support group, and more.

Meet your local P3 Care Team.

Kim Duerst

Director of Care Management

Christine, RN

Care Manager

Jennifer, RN

Care Manager

Heidi Counts P3 Health Partners

Heidi, LPN

Care Navigator

Donna Evertt P3 Health Partners

Donna, LPN

Care Manager

Julie, RN

Care Manager

Lilian Long P3 Health Partners

Lillian, RN

Care Manager

Jamie, RN

Care Manager

John, RN

Care Manager

Shoshana Blakely P3 Health Partners Oregon

Shoshana, NCMA

Care Navigator and Certified Medical Assistant

Suzan Degner P3 Health Partners Oregon

Suzan, CMA ​

Care Navigator

Lisa, CMA

Care Navigator

Aketzalli Pelaez P3 Health Partners Oregon

Aketzalli, CMA

Care Navigator


Care Navigator​


Care Navigator

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