The P3 care model is defined by seven key components, which combine to form our unique approach to patient care. It’s our secret sauce that distinguishes us from other health groups, because it clearly sets our priority where it belongs: on patient wellness.

P3 Care Model- Education


Education is key to preventing disease and living a healthy, active life. So we provide you with access to a wide range of educational resources you can use to learn about your diagnosis and move through life with vitality and energy. 

We provide:

Tools and Support to Manage Illness

Tools and support to manage illness.

Managing an illness can feel overwhelming, but we can make it seamless.

Prevention and Wellness Support

Prevention and wellness support.

Small steps can make a big difference in your overall wellness. That’s why our P3 Care Team makes prevention a top priority, encouraging healthy habits and watching lab results for indicators to keep an eye on.

We will reach out to:

Medication Management

Medication management.

Medicine only works if you take it as directed. Skipping doses or forgetting to pick up refills can prolong your illness and cause setbacks to your recovery. The P3 Care Team works directly with your doctor to track and manage your medication schedule, so you get the medications you need on time. 

We can help you:

Dedicated Nursing Support

Dedicated nursing support.

Our dedicated Nurse Practitioners, RNs, and medical professionals are ready to help in and outside the office. 

Following a doctor’s visit, you may hear from our nursing team to:

Easy Access to Community Resources

Easy access to community resources and services.

Finding community support to manage your care can be challenging. We’ll help you connect with the resources and services in your area that can help. 

We can put you in touch with local organizations, charities, and services that are focused on your specific needs, including:

Transition of Care Teams

Transition of care teams.

Major transitions: moving from home to hospital, from hospital to rehab center, from home care to hospice, for example, require complex care issues to remove the stress of moving and a smooth continuity of care. Often patients are caught with little notice when a facility requires that a patient be moved. We handle those details for you, ensuring all caretakers have your complete health information, including:

 This might include services such as:

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