P3 is a patient-centered, physician-led, healthcare service with a big heart and an even bigger vision: to lead healthcare in a new direction by cultivating wellness, not just managing illness. We do this by providing every patient with access to support that can help them manage their follow-up care. We also provide tools to help them get healthy, stay well and live an active life.

We are a team of LOCAL healthcare professionals dedicated to connecting you with the care you need. Once you leave your primary care provider’s exam room, P3’s Care Team will help you to stay on track with any follow-up care that you need between visits. Working alongside your primary care provider we make sure you have everything you need to care for yourself between visits.

Our dedicated Nurse Practitioners, RNs and medical professionals are ready to help:

Do patients have to pay for P3?

We are proud to offer our services at no cost to patients or providers. Our local health plan partners pay for P3 services with the goal of improving patient health and managing healthcare resources for all. You can also call us directly at (727) 202-8140.

When will P3 contact me?

Navigating healthcare can be confusing. Our friendly and knowledgeable P3 Care Team is dedicated to helping you get the care you deserve. Our team may contact you if you:

We may also notify you of health-related events in your area and other educational opportunities.

While you may hear from our team in the future, please contact us first if you:

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