P3 Medical Group AFTER HOURS CARE.

Feeling Sick? Call your P3 Provider day or night when you aren’t feeling well.  P3 Medical Group is here to help you stay healthy. We have dedicated same-day appointments reserved for you when you’re feeling sick.

Get quick care when you need it from your care team. Call (702) 333-4700 to schedule a same-day appointment.

After Hours Care

If you have an urgent healthcare need that arises after regular business hours, P3 has partnered with two at-home Urgent Care providers; Doctoroo and DispatchHealth.  Both teams will come to your home and provide the same urgent care services you would receive in an Urgent Care facility. 

Doctoroo and DispatchHealth offer several medical services, treatment and testing that you would normally receive in a hospital or urgent care but in the comfort of your home.   Both at-home Urgent Care providers are available 365 days a year, including holidays.

Doctoroo: You can request care by calling (702) 508-7094.  Click here to learn more about Doctoroo or to schedule an appointment online https://www.doctoroo.com/.

DispatchHealth: You can request care by calling (702) 602-8511.  Click here to learn more about Dispatch Health or to schedule an appointment online https://www.dispatchhealth.com/locations/nv/las-vegas/.

With a healthcare team focused on keeping you healthy, we hope you never have to go to the hospital.  Going directly to an emergency room can result in longer wait times and the cost can be 10x more than the cost of an urgent care visit. 

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