Care management, coordination and TEAM.

Your entire team works towards your wellness goals.

Providing you with the care you deserve takes a coordinated effort, from your provider and your entire care team. The P3 Care Team works alongside your primary care provider In the office, between visits, and with specialists to ensure your medical needs are carefully coordinated to assure your vital information is shared, and your needs are met. We are here to make sure you feel heard, respected, and confident you are receiving the best possible care.

Navigating healthcare can be confusing. The P3 Care Team and your primary care provider are dedicated to helping you get the care you deserve. Our team may contact you if you:

And, of course, you can contact us any time with questions about managing your illness, your medications, community resources, and more.

Local care management numbers.

Arizona: (520) 392-8975

Florida: (727) 202-8140  

Nevada: (702) 570-5582

Oregon: (503) 391-4182


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