7 Health Symptoms Men Shouldn’t Ignore

By Michael Saiyasombat, MD

June is Men’s Health Month. Many men view health complaints as a sign of weakness. According to a study by Harvard Medical School, the average lifespan is about 5 years longer for women than men in the United States. Compared to women, men often avoid going to the doctor, are more likely to skip regular recommended screenings and practice riskier behavior. It’s important to change stigma around men viewing health complaints as a sign of weakness.

Here’s seven health symptoms men shouldn’t ignore:

Changes in urination

If you are urinating more often, or it is becoming more difficult to urinate, you may have a prostate problem. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to have it checked.

Blood in the urine

The medical term for that is hematuria. It can be due to something as simple (But painful) as kidney stones but could also be due to something as serious as cancer. Blood in the urine is never normal and needs to be evaluated.

Masses on the testicles

If you notice a growth on your testicles, it needs to be evaluated. While testicle cancer typically hits men in their teens-twenties, if you have risk factors you can get it when older.

Erection problems

If you are having problems obtaining or maintaining an erection, do not start taking medications to treat it without speaking to your doctor first. Erection medications have their own side effects and can interact with blood pressure medications as well.

Testosterone supplements

Just like #4 above, do not take any testosterone supplements you see advertised until you speak to your doctor first. If you have certain medical problems, taking testosterone can increase your risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Mental health

This is a problem that deserves more attention. Men commit more suicides than women, so if you feel you need help, please reach out. You’re not alone.

Groin hernias

Men are at higher risk for groin hernias, which can be painful and potentially dangerous if the hernia gets trapped (Incarcerated). They may need surgical correction.

Make an Appointment

If you’re experiencing any of these health symptoms please book your same-day appointment with P3 Medical Group here.


7 Healthy Symptoms Men Shouldn't Ignore
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