A roadmap for better outcomes

Our extensive experience managing Medicare Advantage (MA) populations in global risk arrangements drives our model, which simultaneously improves care and decreases costs.

Our innovative incentives model includes three tiers:

  1. Traditional fee for service arrangements 
  2. Incentive payments to physicians as they close quality care gaps, enable patient access, and improve documentation completion, and
  3. Profit-sharing to distribute the net surplus among participating physicians

We have proven that excellent care starts in the exam room with the patient-physician relationship. By engaging physicians and empowering patients, we create a direct path to improving outcomes, reducing costs, and enhancing healthcare experiences.

The P3 Care Model prioritizes patients and providers

Our patient-first approach to care differentiates us from other providers in ways that lead to greater patient and physician satisfaction and reduced costs.

  • We focus on cultivating wellness and disease prevention, rather than just treating illness.
  • We specialize in senior care for medicare patients and have a 97% satisfaction rate among current patients.
  • Our large network of top-rated primary care physicians and specialists receive the support they need to focus their time on patients.
  • Our patient care model follows a unique approach that combines:
    • Education
    • Tools and support to manage illness
    • Medication management
    • Dedicated nursing support
    • Easier access to community resources and services
    • Transition of care team
    • Prevention and wellness support

Provider Support Resources

P3’s mission is to support providers, physicians, and/or practices in their journey from traditional volume-based models to value-based systems of care and wellness. To ease this  transition, our physician leadership team has sourced and developed tools and guidelines that set new standards of value-based care. We can also customize services based on your specific needs.

Have questions? Our provider relationship team is here to help.
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