Vegas Golden Knights HERO OF GAME winners.

Vegas Golden Knights Hero of the Game

Through our partnership with the Vegas Golden Knights, we’re recognizing local community heroes that go above and beyond their civil duty. These heroes can be teachers, first responders, medical leaders, military members and more.

See our past winners below.

Vegas Golden Knights Hero of the Game Past Winners

Frank Depalo
Frank is Care Manager at P3 Health Partners. Patients have described Frank as being like a superstar and helping patients sincerely with kindness and compassion.

Metro Officer Jackson
Officer Jackson is a tireless worker who is always willing to go the extra mile to assist another officer that needs help or a civilian that requires additional care or resources. 

Minnie Wood, NP-C
During the pandemic, Minnie Wood, NP-C, led UNLV’s School of Nursing’s efforts to vaccinate nursing students and faculty while continuing to care of her patients. She completely redesigned the public health clinical experiences so that UNLV nursing students could continue in the program and graduate.

John Fildes, MD
John Fildes, MD, is internationally renowned as a trauma surgeon, researcher, educator and administrator at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Dr. Fildes has spent more than 25 years caring for Southern Nevadans and educating providers at UNLV. He was the medical director of the UMC Trauma Center for 13 years and played a huge role during the 1 October medical response.

Sabrina Arcos
Sabrina is a true example of an unsung hero who works hard at supporting others behind the scenes. Sabrina has special training which has allowed her to be a valuable resource in the community when it comes to mental health. Her training has allowed her to step beyond her youth and family role at the Y and be a true lifesaver for those who may need it most. 

Amy Runge, RN
Amy Runge, RN, works at the University Medical Center. When the pandemic hit, Amy was one the first nurses that learned how to test and vaccinate for COVID-19 and helped train her colleagues. She played a key part in the opening of UMC’s COVID-19 testing center at the Wynn and the Las Vegas Convention Center. She has tested and vaccinated thousands of people in our community.

Anna Kaster
Anna Kastner, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC is an Advanced Practitioner of Nursing with 15 years of experience in mental health. She is licensed in the State of Nevada and nationally board certified as Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP-BC).  Prior to becoming PMHNP, she served as a Clinical Director managing over 400 clinical professionals and worked closely with Southern Nevada Health District Covid Response Initiatives Team.

She is currently employed at a private outpatient clinic serving low income populations with client battling with mental illness. Her goal is to advocate for patients who struggle to be heard or respected.  Anna philosophy to manage treatment with compassion, understanding, and attention to holistic care. She is also driven to educate others who does not understanding mental illness and to stop the mental health stigma. 

Mark Davis
Mark Davis runs a nonprofit called Abundance International, which helps support government-funded orphanages in southern Ukraine.

Davis through his efforts to expand aid since the start of the war has grown Abundance International’s reach from three orphanages to more than 20 across the country.

Regis Whaley
Regis started working at Three Square in 2015 but quickly learned that, in addition to feeding people, so much more needed to be done to help people make a long-term change. He started working with all the departments at the food bank to provide the research, data and technology needed to advance all their efforts. 

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