Choosing the right PROVIDER.

Choosing the right provider.

It’s important to take your time and do your homework on the provider that’s going to be taking care of you.

Choosing the right provider is the most important decision you can make this Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP). 

Service Provider

Looking for a new primary care provider?

P3 Medical Group is focused on delivering physician-led and patient-centered care. We’re proud to work with over 40 primary care providers in four markets across 13 clinics.

From staying well, to managing illness, you’ll receive the best possible care during every visit from our quality providers. Between visits, you’ll receive ongoing support from your dedicated care team, who understand your unique needs.

P3 Medical Group testimonials.

Hear from our patients and their personal experiences with P3 Medical Group.

Healthcare Network- Big Heart

Who is P3 Health Partners?​

P3 Health Partners is a patient-centered, physician-led healthcare company and network that is transforming the healthcare system for seniors in Arizona, California, Nevada, Florida and Oregon. 

Addition to our P3 Medical Group locations, we partner with providers and physician groups in your community to provide patient support services that help cultivate wellness and provide support when you need it most.

Meet our care team.

Patients are at the center of our care model.

Our dedicated care management team takes the time to understand your comprehensive needs. Bridging the gap between your physician and your busy lives, we offer health education on preventing disease, guidance managing chronic disease and resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Everything from helping you interpret lab results and scheduling your next comprehensive exam to finding transportation and a nearby support group, and more.

P3 Health Partners testimonials.

Hear from our patients and their personal experiences with P3 Health Partners.

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